On July 14, 2017 round 1.30AM throughout extreme storms Patrizia Lapatty noticed one thing unusual in the sky over Bergamo in Italy on which she started to movie the unusual phenomenon.

Wondering what the phenomenon might have been she determined to ship the footage to EUStormMap asking for a proof on which they gave the following assertion:

“For us this is one of the most fascinating types of lightning, beyond rare, it’s so rare that many people disbelieve. We receive only 1-2 reports per year in Europe and this is the 2nd one we have seen in 2017.”

“Immediately after the strong pulsing glow came a very strong smell of sulphur, a common trait with ball lightning reports.”

“No sign of fire the following morning and this occurred some 2-3 meters above the tree tops on a hillside in front of the observers home.”

Thus, in keeping with EUStormMap it was ball lightning and it occurred 2-Three meters above the tree tops on a hillside.

At all, for my part their assertion may be very imprecise and I believe extra investigation is required earlier than claiming it’s ball lightning.

If you have a look at the video it appears that evidently the ball of lightning is way additional away then proper 2-Three meters above the tree tops.

If you take heed to the video you then not hear an explosion. Instead of exploding the anomaly gave a robust pulse, earlier than fading away.

If it didn’t explode how then you possibly can scent sulphur? Besides, is it attainable that Patrizia can scent the sulphur, given the distance from her location to the hillside?

And given the distance from the anomaly to the earth’s floor it appears unlikely that it might have been a malfunction of a transformer or energy strains

Here is the fascinating video of the ball of fire in the sky over Bergamo and determine for your self what it might need been.


Or see the video hyperlink beneath of the ball of fire through EUStormMap Facebook.