If aliens are our creators then in fact they’re nonetheless interacting and monitoring us.

Astounding DNA proof suggests there are extraterrestrial people on earth at present, they’re inhabiting a human physique. New knowledge suggests people are being altered and remodeled on many ranges by alien intervention.

Evidence suggests extraterrestrial encounters are a worldwide phenomenon and that is evident within the new race of human beings known as star youngsters or Indigo youngsters.

The profiles of those youngsters share the identical attributes or are strikingly comparable. They are extremely smart, artistic, psychic, telepathic and posses therapeutic and clairvoyant talents.

Some of the newest DNA analysis may qualify how this upgrading could happen.

This entails downloads of knowledge reminiscent of our true genetic origins, utilizing our psi expertise with superior expertise, manipulation of matter, astrophysics and therapeutic, all coupled with genetic and non secular packages for awakening of human consciousness, to help humanity to evolve into a completely useful multidimensional human.


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