In January 2017, the CIA declassified and shared 930,000 UFO paperwork on its web site. (Note: The sudden launch of all these paperwork is a part of the disclosure venture.)

One of those included a doc from 1968 detailing six UFO sightings in India, Nepal, and Bhutan.

Indian UFO sightings thereafter have been sporadic in comparison with nations just like the US and Russia. But this relative paucity doesn’t deter a small (however decided) group of UFO investigators in India.

UFO Investigator Vaishnav instructed to Hindustantimes “I’m intrigued by why many sightings are from Rajasthan and West Bengal but especially the sightings from Kongka La Pass in Ladakh.”

Kongka La Pass is surrounded with mystery.

People have seen moreover UFOs touchdown and UFOs rising out of the bottom, unusual colourful orbs and in 2004, a UFO sighting was reported within the Lahaul-Spiti area of Himachal Pradesh, south of Ladakh by a five-member expedition of geologists and glaciologists led by Dr Anil Kulkarni of the ISRO’s Space Applications Centre at Ahmedabad. They had filmed a four-foot tall ‘robot-like’ determine that ‘walked’ alongside the mountain ridge, took off vertically and disappeared within the sky when excited scientists moved nearer.

Even Google Earth blacked out the attainable entrance of secret UFO base at a mountain peak, named The Snow Saddle, of the Himalayas which is situated in the identical space because the Kongka La Pass, Ladakh, Lazai and the mysterious Aksai Chin Lake. On Google Earth a black gap might be seen on the backside of Aksai Chin Lake.

Blacked out half on The Snow Saddle: 27°47’43.40″N 86°49’6.40″E
Black gap in Aksai Chin Lake: 35°10’39.74″N 79°50’27.91″E

Although Indian UFO sightings have been sporadic, the sightings from Kongka La Pass in Ladakh might be seen as one of many biggest UFO mysteries in fashionable instances.

The video beneath exhibits a number of outstanding UFO sightings that occurred within the skies over India.