Date of sighting: Sept 12, 2017

Location of sighting: Mars

I discovered this jellyfish like spider right this moment in a Mars picture. The spider like creature is standing straight up and has two giant black eyes. It has many legs, not less than 4 that I can see and the legs star out as flesh coloured, then as you look decrease they flip clear. This creature is simply about Three-Four inches tall. Its oval high head or physique is about 1 inches thick and a pair of inches vast. Below I’ve a unfavorable impact picture, the place you’ll be able to see it actually does have legs, physique, and two eyes. 

It took my 30 seconds to search out this. You would assume that after a decade of NASA exploring the Mars floor, they might not less than reveal a single life kind discovered on Mars…You would assume. 

Scott C. Waring

Many readers requested me to come back again, so now and again I’ll make a put up.