The photos have been taken on Sol 4073 (Martian Day 4073 or 2015-07-10 UTC on Earth) by the Opportunity rover’s panoramic digicam (Pancam). The construction is simple to identify because it sits ahead on a hill and is the most important raised formation within the space. Its isolation and floor – which seems to be completely different than the encompassing rocks and soil – makes it seem like it doesn’t belong within the pure structure of the realm.

There isn’t an opportunity that we’re taking a look at a pure formation right here. It doesn’t look pure in any respect. Better but, if we zoom into we will see small darkish circles evenly distributed on the base of the construction. 

The mysterious dome doesn’t appear to be a pure formation since, the encompassing rocks are very completely different from the mysterious dome.

Mars Opportunity Dome Photograph On Mars
Mars Opportunity Spotted Dome On Mars
Dome On Mars Landscape Photograph

A glow or gentle in the midst of the dome suggests it might be metallic and reflecting daylight. Or it could possibly be a window emitting inner gentle. If it’s certainly a domed constructing, a smaller formation to the fitting of the dome could possibly be a storage facility or dwelling quarters.

NASA Image :

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