A double sundown is a uncommon astro-geographical phenomenon, by which the solar units twice on the identical night from a selected place.

The first revealed point out of a double sundown which occurred in Leek was made in 1686 by Dr Robert Plot in his ebook The Natural History of Stafford-shire.

The spectacle was final reliably witnessed, and filmed, from the churchyard belonging to the parish church of St Edward the Confessor in 1977.

Historically, it seems that a double sundown could be very uncommon, so we could marvel what’s going on as a result of folks world wide are presently witnessing double sunsets.

That the phenomenon shouldn’t be an phantasm proves the final double sundown which was noticed from North Carolina as Brian witnessed a vivid East and West horizons after sundown on July 15, 2017 as you may see the beneath video.