Date of sighting: March four, 2017
Location of sighting: Earths Sun

Now, are you able to see the UFO that shot out of our solar? I circled it, however did not add coloration, its nature coloration above. 

Now, had this not been a UFO, it might have shot in any course, together with at Earth. Had this moon dimension object been photo voltaic materials ejected from our solar and heading in Earths course,  all life on Earth would have been worn out in simply minutes. The warmth alone would burn our environment from our whole planet, stripping all air, water, ice from our floor. But in fact, if we had been about to die, NASA could not even alert the general public. There can be no time.

So the massive query is, which do you like to imagine? The moon dimension UFO concept, or the plasma ejection concept? I imagine its the primary…an extended UFO. Excellent discover by Streetcap1.

I do really feel that had Trump been up there, he can be extra forthcoming about what he is aware of about UFOs. He does not appear to be the sort of man that beats across the bush a couple of topic.
Scott C. Waring