Recently members of a motor trail group took a tour in the forest of Banda Aceh which is probably the most western province of Sumatra, Indonesie when abruptly a wierd small determine emerged from the forest.

As a consequence the primary rider fell to the bottom, then the determine stopped on the monitor, noticed the bikers earlier than he ran away with a substantial pace.

Although the bikers on their bikes adopted the determine who walked barefoot, they had been unable to meet up with him. The determine managed to vanish into the forest once more.

There is way hypothesis that the determine was not a human being however is it doable that the determine is a grown grownup with dwarfism who lives alone in the forest or could be the determine, given his response, is a member of an remoted group or tribe who don’t know the remainder of the world exists.

Note: I’ve requested my Indonesian pals whether or not there are tribes nonetheless dwelling in the forest of Bandah Aceh or not and so they advised me that there are nonetheless tribes dwelling in the forests of Kalimantan and New Guinea Papua however in the forest of Bandah Aceh was most unlikely.

The following video has gone viral in Indonesia and one wonders what or who’s the small determine that abruptly appeared in entrance of the bikers?