Sometimes the examine of little-known scientific maps offers wonderful outcomes. An fascinating aid map of the southern shores of the Baltic Sea close to the coast of Germany near town of Kuhlen-Wendorf exhibits an enormous ring structure consisting of a number of rings of epic proportions.

The middle of the ring structure is situated at what’s now Lake Miko, a 61 hectares synthetic lake with a mean depth of 70 cm, stuffed by a tributary of the river Warnow in line with

If you check out the satellite tv for pc photos the ring structure is nearly invisible however clearly seen on the actual scientific map, furthermore it is extremely unusual that there’s No details about this mysterious ring-shaped structure which has a diameter of 22 kilometer.

What could be this ancient formation, a huge effect crater attributable to an enormous meteorite or a synthetic entity that fell in to that place tens of millions of years in the past or might it’s the remnants of an ancient metropolis constructed by an unknown civilization?

Ring structure seen on scientific map: http://information.bshc.professional/#four/53.88/11.83
Coordinates Google Earth: 53°41’29.78″N 11°35’45.17″E

Video beneath exhibits detailed photos of the unknown structure.