On May 20, 2017 at 7.40 pm a wierd occasion occurred in the sky over the Northern suburbs, East of Bundoora, Australia.

While utilizing his all night time digital camera Brad Morris recorded a huge shiny flash that all of the sudden got here out of nowhere immediately adopted by an unidentified illuminated winged object that then moved away at an extremely excessive velocity.

Brad stated “It might be a meteor but it does not explain the winged object.”

However, if it was a typical meteor then it produces a streak of sunshine, each from the glowing object and the path of glowing particles that it leaves when it passes by the ambiance however this isn’t the case right here.

In this case we see a sudden burst of sunshine from which an object emerges that then strikes away at excessive velocity earlier than it disappears in the night time sky.

Editor’s notice: Even although I’ve no clear reply to this unusual occasion however might it’s one thing that arrived by a portal from one other dimension or the winged object is one thing that arrived through unknown Time Travel or Teleportation strategies?

In the subsequent video you may see the second when the flash/winged object appears, together with Brad’s analyze of the occasion.