Local legends converse of a mysterious ‘spaceship’ that has remained since historical instances someplace close to a system of three caves positioned between the cities of Veracruz and Puebla in Mexico on which a group of researchers determined to journey to the realm a few months in the past to search out out extra about this mysterious ‘spaceship.’

So far they didn’t found the alleged ‘spaceship’ however throughout their analysis in one of many caves they’ve found stone objects with photographs of what appears to be alien spacecraft and aliens engraved in the stones.

Engraved in one of many stones there may be a suspected alien standing subsequent to a ruler of pre-Hispanic tradition. There are additionally symbols found that should be decrypted.

The researchers are satisfied that the’ jade’ stones with engraved extraterrestrial figures could possibly be the last word proof that the earth has been visited by aliens hundreds of years in the past, furthermore, the combination of extraterrestrial and non-extraterrestrial cultures on the stones means that there was contact between aliens and the Mayan tradition.

One of the researchers, José Aguayo, admitted that the Mexican Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) can not say something in regards to the discovery as a result of there are photographs on the objects that contradict every thing now we have been informed about our historical past and origin.