While flying over the Evenk taiga and its impenetrable swamps within the Arkhangelsk region in Russia, a pilot noticed one thing incomprehensible.

What he found was a gaggle of spots with many unusual outdated unnatural wanting pits full of water within the floor.

The pilot was capable of movie the pits and reported the phenomenon to scientists on which they determined to go to the place and concluded that there have been extra related pits although a few of them have been coated with moss.

Even extra mysterious is a gigantic spot that appears like a form of crop circle construction, which is positioned at about two kilometers from the pits within the floor.

Further analysis into the origin and that means of the pits in addition to the unusual crop circle like construction which clearly reveals a sample, will undoubtedly be carried out by the scientists.

Google Earth coordinates:
Pits: 63°46’33.04″N 44°34’20.92″E
Crop circle construction: 63°46’39.70″N 44°37’7.66″E


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