According to eyewitness testimony, down beneath screenshots had been taken by me from the reside feed of NASA International Space Station (ISS) on October 1, 2015 at 2:17pm. I’ve seen UFOs on NASA International Space Station (ISS) reside feeds a number of instances
however this time I took the screenshots.

2:15pm:  Nothing within the screenshot simply house

2:17 pm: The UFO is available in focus of ISS digital camera “center Top”

2:19pm: UFO strikes to heart.

2:20pm:  NASA shutdown digital camera and goes on “Stand-by Screen”.

2:21pm: And when UFO gone out of digital camera body, feeds goes reside once more

Seems UFO was of nice measurement and strikes rapidly throughout digital camera pictures in a four minute time stamped

Why would not the Government simply inform us they’ve these Spaceships. I see them Flying in our Sky’s from the bottom on a regular basis, occasionally
it’s not arduous to inform which is from our Planet and/or if they’re from one other world
and it’s no large deal the our Government has these flying round. So far I’ve seen three completely different Types /Shapes that our Government has
simply standing exterior Looking up in our Sky’s

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