NASA scientists discovered one group of geoglyphs so fascinating they’ve determined to check it from area.

The area company formally investigated the Steppe Geoglyphs, a bunch of greater than 200 large squares,traces, rings and a swastika shaped by dust mounds within the Turgai space of northern Kazakhstan.

Left: The Ushtogay Square is at 50.832933°N 65.326276°E. 

Right: The Turgay triradial is at 50.102778°N 65.360833°E. 

NASA teamed up with Digital Globe to check the formations, the joint effort produced 50 to 60 pictures of the glyphs which measure about 300 to 1300 toes throughout.

These geoglyphs are thought to have been made by the Mahandzhar tradition between seven and 9 thousand years in the past which might make them older than every other such geoglyphs, together with the well-known Nazca Lines of Peru, which date to between 200 B.C. and A.D. 500.