What is happening with the SOHO LASCO C3 satellite tv for pc? Images captured on August 23, 2017 present at one level full darkness behind the Sun what appears to be like like a large planet in the darkish that disappears instantly.

Could it’s the black solar ‘Rahu’? According to historical myths ‘Rahu’ is the third celestial physique that eclipses the solar and the moon.

Ancient civilizations knew what this phenomenon was by observing the stars however in trendy instances it’s mentioned by some those who it has been stored secret by the governments.

According to Vedic Astronomy, the most historical and correct system of astronomy on the planet, ‘Rahu’ is one among the navagrahas (9 planets) and photo voltaic eclipses aren’t brought on by the moon coming in entrance of the solar as astronomers imagine, quite at the time of a photo voltaic eclipse the darkish planet ‘Rahu’ comes between the solar and the earth.

Whether the black planet ‘Rahu’ described in Vedic astronomy and in Hindu custom, as a darkish circle that swallows the solar inflicting eclipses, is a fable or not, the mysterious round object in the darkish behind the solar, captured two days after the whole photo voltaic eclipse over America, actually provides rise to the historical fable.


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