Eros is an elongated peanut-shaped .asteroid and the primary found and second-largest near-Earth object with a mean-diameter of roughly 16.eight kilometers and named after the Greek God of Love, Eros.

Eros was one of many first asteroids visited by a spacecraft, the primary one orbited, and the primary one soft-landed on.

NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker visited Eros first with a 1998 flyby and entered orbit round 2000, and on February 12, 2001, on the finish of its mission, it landed on the asteroid’s floor utilizing its maneuvering jets.

The above specific picture of Eros, taken from the NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft on May 1, 2000, at an orbital altitude of 53 kilometers (33 miles), reveals, in keeping with NASA, a big rectangular boulder which is 45 meters throughout.

But is it actually a boulder or may it’s a kind of historic mining machine?

Given the truth that information from the spacecraft collected on Eros in December 1998 means that it may comprise 20,000 billion kilograms of aluminum and comparable quantities of metals which might be uncommon on Earth, equivalent to gold and platinum, it’s not unlikely that the so-called boulder is an mining machine that has been utilized by a complicated alien civilization for the extraction of all these useful metals.

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