Photo above has been centered solely. 

Original picture and drawing above (untouched)

This is fascinating. I obtained an e-mail from a good friend and reader of my website and a brand new face has been found on Mars. The face is definitely much like plenty of different smaller faces I’ve reported to you in that it has not one, however two faces in it. On face sporting an elaborate helmet, and on the helmet is one other face. On the individuals neck is a alien phrase “33” however the second three is smaller. I consider these imply “friendship.” Since the large three=the large face, and the little three=the little face. 

But wait, I sharpened the picture, and introduced out element of a 3rd face…its on the large faces chin space. I’ll put it simply above right here…with the 33 seen in it so that you see the situation. The sharpens picture is under. So, now we all know, “33” actually means “three friends, or cooperation.” 

This is a professionally printed paper within the Journal of Space Exploration. They proof is analyzed time and again. Fantastic! The proof is rising. Professionals from all walks of life are taking part in discover the proof proper in entrance of us. 100% actual proof that historical aliens as soon as existed on Mars. 
Scott C. Waring-Masters in Counseling, BA in El Ed. 

The e-mail states: 

Bearded Profile with Avian Headdress on Mars – featured in science journal.

Purcellville, Virginia –A Geoglyphic formation noticed on Mars depicting a bearded profile with an avian headdress is the topic of a brand new science paper, printed within the present difficulty of the Journal of Space Exploration (Volume four, Issue three, November 2016). The paper, “Bearded Profile with Avian Headdress within the Southeast-Facing Slope of an Impact Crater in the Utopia Planitia Region of Mars,” reveals a profiled portrait of a bearded, human head sporting an avian headdress. The facial options embrace an eye fixed, nostril, mouth, mustache and beard, whereas the headdress consists of a giant nesting hen. The formation is documented in 4 NASA photos that affirm the consistency of the portraits human and avian elements.  When in comparison with a group of comparable terrestrial motifs, the Martian construction not solely duplicates their aesthetic design however, reveals a misplaced legacy maybe shared between two worlds.

Contributors to the paper embrace members of the Society for Planetary SETI Research and The Cydonia Institute; William Saunders (geomorphologist), George Haas (sculptor), Michael Dale (geologist) and James Miller (picture analyst).

A direct hyperlink to the Journal of Space Exploration paper is offered under.


Photographs and supportive supplies can be found on request.

If you want extra data, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your earliest comfort.

*The Society for Planetary SETI Research (est. 1991) and The Cydonia Institute (est. 1991) are impartial organizations of scientists and researchers with a typical curiosity within the examine of anomalies noticed on planets and satellites inside our photo voltaic system whose origins could also be the results of clever design. Their members come from a wide range of disciplines together with physics, astronomy, engineering, geology, archeology, picture processing, and the visible arts.