Streetcap1 believes he has discovered unusual objects in images NASA’s Mars Opportunity rover took in 2005. He wonders whether or not these objects are extraterrestrial or not.

The first picture exhibits one thing one thing what appears to be like like an alien craft, whereas the second picture seems to show a white Martian object within the distance.

As often there may be a lot dialogue on social media on these objects.

The white Martian object might be an alien, a humanoid, whereas one thing greater standing behind the humanoid. Explanations for the thing within the first picture fluctuate from an alien craft to a Mars automobile with begs, and many others.

Without doubt, many images captured by the Opportunity and the Curiosity have already proven overwhelming proof of previous and current ‘intelligent’ life on Mars but when we take a better have a look at the 2 objects depicted within the 2005 images it’s clear that it has nothing to do with aliens, humanoids or any form of alien craft or automobile.

It seems the form of alien craft is simply part of the Lander Shell (warmth defend) of the Opportunity whereas the white Martian object is a mirrored image of daylight on one other a part of the Lander Shell.

Above images had been taken by the Opportunity in 2005 (SOL 319 to SOL 344) and show apart from the warmth defend, a number of different components of the Lander Shell in addition to some mechanical components mirrored by daylight.


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