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During Super Blood Moon Eclipse V Shape UFO Sighted Over Carson, California – UFO News | Aliens | UFO Sightings | Space News

In newest improvement, based on eyewitness testimony, On September 27, 2015 at eight:55 pm I witnessed bizarre V form cloud formation type throughout and after harvest moon eclipse over . I’ve by no means seen something prefer it earlier than so i thought id take pics. me and different individuals who witnessed this cloud formation […]

A Tale of a Haunting

A History of Distribution and Sales Ever since Johannes Gutenburg’s invention of the mechanical printing press in 1440 and Anthony Koburger’s introduction to the artwork of printing in 1470, the world of language has perpetually been modified. For millenia, myths, legends, and ghost tales had primarily been preserved by way of oral traditions, many occasions round a […]

Skin Walkers and Shape Shifters

The Heart of the Myth Many explanations of the paranormal world derive from legends, superstitions, ghost tales, and cultural tales. When an occasion happens that doesn’t observe frequent logic, we would attempt to write it off as both a figment of our creativeness or it’s remodeled right into a tall story. Fear of the unknown […]

The First Most Haunted College In America

Within the city of Williamsburg lies an enchanted faculty campus that’s wrought with paranormal exercise. This website was not solely a central location for the Civil War, however it was additionally very strategic within the Revolutionary War as effectively. For a location to be the grounds of two main colonial wars, this may occasionally very […]