In all of our United States historical past books we now have been taught that the primary Thanksgiving which passed off in 1621 at Plymouth Rock was certainly one of communal celebration between the Pilgrims and native Native Americans. Unfortunately the accuracy of historic occasions could be a bit skewed, deviating from the reality to make occasions appear extra public relations-friendly. In the context of our conventional three day feast, Abraham Lincoln thought up the situation pictured above as a means of displaying a need to cooperate with these peoples already residing right here in North America. But there’s one other aspect to the story: 

“You’ve in all probability heard the story of how Squanto assisted in their planting of corn? So this was their first profitable harvest they usually have been celebrating that harvest and planning a day of their very own thanksgiving. And it’s form of like what a few of the Arab nations do after they have fun by capturing weapons in the air. So that is what was happening over there at Plymouth. They have been capturing weapons and canons as a celebration, which alerted us as a result of we didn’t know who they have been capturing at. So Massasoit [the Wampanoag chief] gathered up some 90 warriors and confirmed up at Plymouth ready to have interaction, if that was what was occurring, in the event that they have been taking any of our folks. They didn’t know. It was a fact-finding mission…..In these days, the English actually wanted to depend on us and, sure, they have been well mannered as finest they might be, however they regarded us as savages nonetheless…. You can see all through their journals that they have been at all times nervous and, sadly, after they have been nervous they have been very aggressive.”

I needed to spotlight this little recognized perspective on American historical past as a result of it offers us a aspect of a very talked-about vacation custom in our tradition we don’t examine in textbooks. Please perceive that in no means do I want to demean the “spirit” of Thanksgiving or to claim that I’m an authority of historical past. The different cultural views are fascinating and needs to be given any benefit they deserve. Despite the story offered by the Wampanoag folks, many Native Americans at the moment do deal with this cultural occasion as a optimistic celebration and agree with the implied spirit of cooperation.

In this text you’ll uncover haunted websites in the Plymouth, Massachusetts space that can proceed to redefine your perspective on the Thanksgiving vacation. The Wampanoag folks not solely supply a wealthy historical past of tradition and traditions, however additionally they have a previous that’s shrouded in the paranormal. What I hope to divulge to you’re paranormal connections to the celebration of Thanksgiving that go far past the straightforward feast of 1621. The haunted websites, attributed to the Wampanoag tribes, are ones you will have heard of; nonetheless, you might not have made their direct reference to our November celebration or the Pilgrims who survived the damaging journey.

Journey Across the Sea  

The 23 Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in 1621 and with them they introduced the microorganisms of their native nation, England. By the grace of God they made it to North America and have been decided to settle and lift their households. The downside was they wanted assist to take care of survival. Here is the place the Wampanoag Indians stepped up and confirmed them the way to plant and develop corn. This honorable gesture on their half opened their folks as much as one thing they may by no means have anticipated – illness.

As a results of publicity, the Wapanoag folks have suffered a number of completely different epidemics – each wiping out an enormous a part of their inhabitants. The first, which got here in three waves over 4 years, was in 1614 and is believed to be brought on by a bacterial an infection known as leptospirosis or the 7-day fever. This illness, brought on by contaminated rats, took a inhabitants of 12,000 and decreased all of it the way in which right down to 2,000. These mass epidemics created large burial grounds on the Massachusetts mainland. 

The Wampanoag have been additionally inhabitants of close by Nantucket Island, 40 miles southeast of Plymouth rock. Here is the place our paranormal journey begins.

At the island’s excessive level, the Wampanoag inhabitants reached virtually three,000. After the Pilgrims migrated to the world and over a century later, the Wampanoag tribe had gone fully extinct from the Nantucket Island. At one level in historical past, proper at first of the Revolutionary War, 222 members of this tribe -then solely numbering 358 – had died of a devastating epidemic. This time across the trigger was blamed on viruses and micro organism that the Pilgrims had introduced with them. Here, southeast of Plymouth on Nantucket Island, the Miacomet burial grounds have been dug for these victims. This island stays very haunted to this present day due to this sacred floor.

Since Nantucket is such a small island, there are only a few paranormal investigation teams that pay a go to. There is one native staff, the Nantucket Paranormal Group, that has been documenting paranormal experiences since November 2006. Over the previous decade the Miacomet burial floor has gathered some consideration from their investigations:

  • Since whaling was a preferred commerce in the 1800’s, there have been stories of seeing a deceased captain haunting Nantucket Island. 
  • There is a narrative, shrouded in folklore, that tells of slightly lady who met an premature dying. She is believed to nonetheless hang-out the island. 
  • Ray Sylvia, Jr. is the founding father of NPG and it’s his personal great-grandmother who has gained the fame on Nantucket because the “Centennial.” She lived to be 102 years-old and there are claims by different members of the family that they’ve seen her strolling the island. 

“We saw something in a house in Sconset….It was 11 or 11:30 at night, about 20 degrees out. In the master bedroom we heard what sounded like a little girl’s voice playing in the front lawn. Of course, there was nobody out there… We couldn’t find a rational explanation for that one.” – Ray Sylvia

Since it was actually freezing chilly exterior, the voice they heard needed to be from a residual haunting. With over 200 Wampanoags being buried in such a small space in a good shorter time-frame, this opens up large alternatives for a majority of these hauntings. I’ve but to search out an investigation staff, or particular person for that matter, who has skilled paranormal exercise from the deceased Native Americans. But, I consider, there must be a large prevalence of this exercise.

The residual hauntings in the Alton National Cemetery are quite intense and have left fairly an impression on each my spouse and myself. And so it actually isn’t any stretch of the creativeness to suspect that the Miacomet burial grounds might very nicely be simply as haunted. Anytime there’s a main traumatic expertise with people or teams of individuals, residual hauntings are typically created. Since there’s ghostly documentation of little ladies on the island, the youngsters might have been extra strongly impacted by the epidemics. 

Freetown State Forest

The paranormal exercise on close by Nantucket Island is sort of fascinating, however there’s an space even nearer web site that’s much more baffling. Freetown-Fall River State Forest is about 30 miles southwest of Plymouth, Massachusetts. It too is the burial web site of Pocasset Wampanoag Native Americans, however this forest has phenomenal exercise and folklore that goes off the charts. 

The wooded space cowl 5,441 acres and is infamous for its surroundings and practically 50 miles of unpaved street. It is a hotspot for hikers, cyclists, fishermen, and hunters. It additionally has maybe essentially the most numerous paranormal exercise recognized anyplace.

“The forest sits squarely within the infamous ‘Bridgewater Triangle,’ a 200 square mile area within southeastern Massachusetts that is the epicenter of a mind boggling array of inexplicable bizarre phenomena reported since colonial times, including strange creatures, Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, specters, ominous black helicopters, mysterious orbs of light, strange disappearances, giant snakes, poltergeist activity, and cattle mutilations, to name but a few.”

Check out this four minute video to be taught much more about this geographic space:

Thanksgiving Thoughts

The occasions at Plymouth Rock that occurred virtually 400 years in the past have eternally modified American society. All of us are accustomed to the Pilgrims who got here to this nation, however how a lot are you aware in regards to the different half of the Thanksgiving desk? The Wampanoag folks have a distinct perspective on our vacation and their tradition has a really deep and wealthy tie to the paranormal.

The exercise on Nantucket Island was led to by epidemics, created naturally and introduced over by the fleeing Europeans. The unrest their deaths has brought on created a sequence of hauntings on the island, documented by the Nantucket Paranormal Group.

But what’s shocking in regards to the Wampanoag Native Americans is how robust and numerous the paranormal attributes are to their tradition. The Bridgewater Triangle is definitely corresponding to an Area 51 and the claims and legends coming from this large forest appear virtually unbelievable. One of my favourite claims from this space is documented on the web site

 Mysterious Universe:

“The forest is said to be home to a race of diminutive humanoid creatures known as Pukwedgies, which have long been known by the native Wampanoag tribe. These creatures are described as being troll-like beasts around 2 to 3 feet in height and with smooth, hairy grey skin that is said to glow on occasion. The Pukwedgies have a notorious reputation for mischief and mayhem, and are said to intentionally startle people, throw rocks or sand in their faces, push or shove them, kidnap them, hurl them from cliffs, wrestle with them or even attack them with knives or spears…. Although this may seem at first glance as nothing more than spooky folklore, there are numerous visitors to the forest who have claimed to have seen such creatures, and the mischievous beasts have been blamed as the cause of the unusual number of people who have supposedly fallen from cliffs to their deaths in the area.”

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