An odd sky phenomenon what’s known as a second solar has been filmed once more. This time the phenomenon appeared in the sky over Slovakia, Bratislava on January 23, 2017 and once more on February 2, 2017.

A “second sun” continues to be recorded by witnesses all through the world in addition to on astronomy observatory webcams, together with NASA’s personal satellite tv for pc photographs. NASA insists in public statements ‘second sun’ doesn’t exist and is due to this fact no risk, but they’re warning their very own employees to make preparations.

The idea of a “second sun” is usually used to consult with a big unknown planetary object or a complicated unknown planet like Nibiru which is talked about in historical past books.

Nibiru is a time period in the Akkadian language, translating to “crossing” or “level of transition.”

Nibiru is Marduk’s star. Marduk as the ruler of the cosmos made Nibiru seen and set it on his course whereby Nibiru passes by earth each three,600 years permitting permits its sentient inhabitants to work together with humanity as outlined in pill 5 of the creation epic Enûma Eliš and described on an entire cuneiform pill.

Whether Nibiru is a legend or not, stories of a “second sun” in the sky proceed to return in.