The photographer was driving round the soiled roads round the perimeter of Area 51 and took many photographs along with his I-phone set to “live” photographs however noticed nothing at the time.

When he reviewed the photographs he observed in one picture a big vertical glowing inexperienced object in the sky.

The photographer mentioned that he has an curiosity in unexplained phenomena, however have by no means earlier than seen something reside or in any picture he took. He understands there could possibly be a number of different explanations, however he doesn’t know clarify this glowing object. Mufon case 89517.

The following picture was taken by a vacationer final yr 2017 who made a visit to Villefranche de Confluent in France and exhibits an odd object hovering over the prime of a snowy mountain.

When zoomed in on the object it seems to be surrounded with shiny lights.The unusual object was not seen in different photographs taken at the identical time.
Mufon case 89519.

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