Date of discovery: December 10, 2017

Location of discovery: Planet Mercury

 A tower on planet Mercury that stands taller than the crater partitions round it…seems to be like an enormous monolith left behind by a species of historic aliens. Most craters are a number of miles throughout 5 or extra. If this one falls into that space, then the tower is over a mile excessive. That is superior structure. 

Below you see an in depth up of an oddly formed construction. Its a statue, however its solely seen from the chest up. Shadows cowl it beneath that. Its an enormous statue of an individual praying. Do you see the palms pressed collectively? Can you make out the hair line, the eyes, the nostril, arms and shoulders, elbows? 

What do we all know know from these two discoveries on Mercury? Lots. The aliens who made the monolith clearly appear like us in some ways, but their potential to create a one mile construction in area on the floor of Mercury makes them extremely superior in comparison with us. They or most of them imagine in a better energy…god…creator…changing into one with the universe basically. We people are and all the time will likely be associated to these different species  on the market in so some ways. I attempt to discover these similarities to tug us collectively. To present humanity and aliens that we’re extra alike than both thinks. 

Scott C. Waring-Astrobiologist

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