Date of sighting: November 15, 2017

Location of sighting:  Long Island, New York, USA

Source: MUFON #88111

Do I consider the eyewitness? Yes in fact. Do I consider its a UFO? It is an alien craft. I could possibly be a craft of some kind, or it could possibly be the rarest of the uncommon…an power being. Such beings are stated to not take a lot discover of people, so if that is one such alien being, then they’re really fortunate. 

I see no gentle beam, no laser beam that will point out that is being produced from the bottom. I’ve a laser that’s ultraviolet (purple) and its beam is seen…there isn’t any beam right here. Its coming from the sky. I did nevertheless discover 4 white objects capturing previous the purple gentle, probably extra power beings, or small UFOs (circled in crimson).

Scott C. Waring

Eyewitness states: 

I used to be strolling with a companion from my home in Long Island City on 24th Street (one other gentle, remaining stationary over that location, had modified colour from purple to crimson – in response to a particular request from me, at Stephen Greer’s on-line path – final May 2017) alongside Northern Boulevard (Route 25A East) when an analogous purple gentle was seen hovering above a grocery store strip plaza on the south facet; instantly upon making eye contact, it started to follow us – have questioned if the identical gentle HAD been current since we left however, no approach of figuring out for positive – and continued to till arriving at Home Depot the place it, for lack of a greater description, WAITED for us at the least a half-hour till we got here out, additionally exhibiting the identical habits when exiting a Popeye’s and Food Bazaar on the best way again, the place ANOTHER of them then appeared to JOIN the one which had first appeared to me there – or it could have been by some means cut up, because the connected picture suggests, persevering with to follow us to my residence and the identical normal location as on earlier events…..(NOTE: quite a few different photographs taken in course of expertise; out there upon request – as could not be all submitted by way of this interface)