According to eyewitness testimony (MUFON Case No. 71297) , “it was August three, 2015 at three:06 a.m. We had been having a meteor bathe that
late night time, so we determined to sit down out behind the truck to watch
them. While the time glided by we seen a shadow transferring above us. We
all received a glimpse of it, at first I believed it was a fowl flying above
us going west.

Roswell UFO Incident Photograph

Roswell UFO Incident Photograph
Roswell UFO Incident 2015 Photograph

But my Aunt stated that Birds actually don’t fly at night time. She additionally stated that if I needed to see a UFO, simply to speak to them
mentally and ask them to come back again. So I did that and I used to be simply capturing
random photos within the path that the shadow went.

At the time of
this occasion I had a Sony Phone, that’s what I used to be utilizing whereas taking
photos. I didn’t have a digital digital camera. I used to be utilizing totally different apps on
my cellphone for night time photos. I proceed capturing all the photographs I
may that night time. The subsequent day my Aunt uploaded my photos onto her
laptop computer and that is the image that I caught on my Phone. 

She has an image that she took perhaps about 2 to three years again, it was a
night time shot. In her image there was a form with lights, upon zooming
in she seen a UFO additionally. It has the identical form has this image of

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