Alexey Yakovlev took some photographs of an odd phenomenon in the sky over Strezhevoye, Tomsk Region in Russia on October 26, 2017 at the second he and his mates noticed the aurora borealis.

The ball of sunshine appeared at 22:08 native time in the west, floated to the east, then to the north earlier than it progressively light away.

At first he thought that it was a type of radiance however after the uncommon ball of sunshine started to develop it grew to become clear that it was not radiance and he grew to become a bit scared earlier than realizing that he in all probability by chance took photographs of the secret launch of a rocket from Plesetsk.

And certainly, Russia did a profitable take a look at of its ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missile program. The rocket, (The RS-28 Sarmat) traveled about 5,900 kilometers earlier than hitting its goal on the Kura take a look at vary, created the odd however lovely show in the sky.