In our quest to uncover the secrets and techniques of Antarctica the Russian journalist Nikolai Subbotin analyzes the KGB paperwork from the launched folder “Orion” on the actions of the Nazis in the Antarctic earlier than and through the Second World War.

The location of the hall to the Inner World of Agharta. 

The following is a translated excerpt compiled from varied stories on this subject.

This map exhibits us the foremost continent on this hemisphere, referred to as Asgard. On the continent of Asgard, in the heart, lies the metropolis of the Ases. At the backside left, we will clearly see Neu Schwabenland with the capital Neu Berlin.

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This map exhibits us the foremost continent of this hemisphere referred to as Liberia. In the heart, on the proper, are the Fera Islands. Below is the metropolis of Shambala (metropolis of the gods).

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The Tibetan monks nonetheless say that the metropolis of Shambala actually exists however not on the floor of our planet however inside the planet. So right here it’s confirmed by the map that Shambala is an actual metropolis in the earth, on the inside the crust.

This a part of the Reichsdeutschen map describes an underwater path together with an in depth letter with directions how to dive and to get to interior world of Agharta utilizing a U boat.

Image taken from the video under. See hyperlink backside line for full detailed map and authentic instruction letter.

The subsequent proof of the present of an interior earth is a letter from Karl Unger, crew member of U-209. See hyperlink backside line to learn authentic letter.

Dear previous comrade,

This message can be a shock to you. The submarine 209 has achieved the earth is HOLLOW !. Dr. Haushofer and Hess have been proper. The entire crew is doing properly, however they can not return. We are usually not prisoners. I am certain this message will attain you, it is the final hyperlink with the U 209. We’ll meet once more comrade. I’m anxious for many who have spent their lives on the floor of the earth since the Fuhrer has gone.

God at all times bless our Germany.

With type regards,
Charles Unger

So far, it appears they’ve discovered the entrance to the interior earth. Moreover a secret Nazi expeditionary drive was headed by Captain Ritscher and took a seat in 1937-38. The drive landed close to Queen Maud Land and established secret bases there.

It additionally explains why German UFO scientists, chosen individuals and UFO take a look at pilots together with their machines and UFO prototypes, like the Haunebu’s 1, 2, three and four and the Andromeda Device doable constructed with the assist of the aliens, have been lacking as they’ve escaped to the bases in Antarctica.

After an in-depth evaluation the researchers have launched the coordinates the place you could find the hall to the Inner World of Agharta.

Location: 68°00’”S 1°00’00.0″E

As you possibly can see the hall to the Inner Earth is positioned in the Lazarev Sea which is the similar location the place the ocean analysis vessel of the Russian Baltic Fleet, the Admiral Vladimirsky, carried out hydrographical analysis of the water zones of the Antarctic final 12 months.

According to the researchers, the US and Soviet governments have identified about the secret Agharta entrance to the interior Earth and its inhabitants in addition to the secret underground Nazi bases for over 40 years however they have no idea how to cope with it and have due to this fact suppressed the fact.

Now evidently these underground Nazi bases nonetheless exists and nonetheless operational. Moreover they imagine that Hitler’s final battalion works along with the interior earth beings and they’ll come into motion when the world is deep in an financial disaster.

Based on all this info, if fact, step-by-step it turns into clear why so many well-known individuals in addition to US and Russian Naval go to the Arctic.

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