In this Dahboo77 takes a take a look at the approaching occasions that we’ll see in 2017. He begins with the extraordinarily uncommon US photo voltaic eclipse on August 21, he then takes a take a look at the alignment of stars on September 23, 2017 and its attainable connection to Revelation 12. See first video.

The Great American Eclipse happens in the very same space of the sky because the Rev12 Sign and as thousands and thousands of individuals look to the sky they are going to be given a brief glimpse of this Sign because it strikes into its last phases of achievement.

The outstanding crop circle of May 22, 2017 found in Cerne Abbas Giant, Nr Minterne Magna, Dorset, UK, which depicts the Eye of RA, refers to those upcoming occasions?

The code contained within the Eye of RA Crop Circle, denotes and broadcasts the long run ritual dates of 9-21, 9-22, 9-23, 9-24, the established and repeated future dates related to the long run plans of the NWO globalist?

And as a result of the long run plans of those globalists Trump tweeted on May 31, 2017 the cryptic phrase COVFEFE as a coded response to the NWO ritual globalist, looking for a one world govt. and one world faith? (See video on the crop circle – the Eye of RA).

COV-Fe”Fe and the translation “I Will Stand Up” is a declaring of Trump’s plans to be standing up and it signifies that the NWO Globalist are going to fail at their Trump elimination plans and which can then trigger the NWO Globalist to fail of their management over planet earth?

Sudden adjustments and or new instructions are anticipated on account of Trump telling the world and the NWO Globalist, that they WILL sooner or later Fail to do what they sought to do, and can as a substitute, be defeated by their very own evil plans and actions? (See video on Trump’s COVFEFE).

In no approach am I calling for rapture or something like that however one factor is for positive, the alignment of stars will occur on September 23, 2017, which comes 33 days after the US photo voltaic eclipse, and could possibly be linked to The Revelation 12 Sign which is an especially uncommon and complicated astronomical alignment which many imagine matches the Biblical prophecy present in Revelation 12:1-2.

The most unusual portion of the Rev12 Sign is the truth that the king planet (Jupiter) enters into the womb space of the lady (Virgo), does a loop in her womb space and stays there for simply over 9 months (the interval of a human being pregnant).

In addition to this, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus all take their positions completely on September 23, 2017. Together they kind an indication which has been discovered to be fully distinctive, even after learning extra 7000 years in astronomy software program. See second video.

More questions than solutions, however each occasions within the heavens shall be used to create the timing that kicks off chaos by the Powers that be… will it trigger a serious shift in folks’s thoughts and angle?

Old methods shall be destroyed to present solution to new one!


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