A shadow individual, also referred to as a shadow determine, shadow being is the notion of a patch of shadow as a dwelling, humanoid determine, notably as interpreted by believers within the paranormal or supernatural because the presence of a spirit or different entity.

Chilling tales from witnesses of darkish, ill-defined beings spotlight the unusual, and presumably malicious, presence of the shadow folks.

With new insights from scientists concerning the construction of house/time, is it potential these entities are actual – and amongst us? And if that’s the case, what’s their connection to the terrifying psychological episodes referred to as “sleep paralysis”?

Footage contains shadow creatures transferring previous cameras in peoples’ properties, a 911 cellphone name with somebody witnessing a shadow individual, and mysterious shimmering “mass” caught crossing a fence by a safety digital camera.

This video presents proof of the likelihood that inter-dimensional, ultra-terrestrial, or extraterrestrial entities are visiting us from past the darkness.

Are there shadow folks? Do they reside on shadow planets in shadow galaxies? Is it potential that the 1000’s of witnesses who share their terrifying tales have been pulled into the alien abduction expertise?

Or is it potential they’ve peered into the malicious eyes of shadowy beings inhabiting one other airplane of actuality?