Numerous maps have been found all through historical past that even at the moment stay as an enigma to students and skeptics.

While most of us are conversant in the work of Piri Reis and his maps, he isn’t the one one to have created charts that stay a thriller to historical past.

Maps just like the one by Piri Reis have been validated by students who stay baffled and can’t clarify their precision and degree of element. Some of them have been created as if one way or the other, somebody was capable of see the land from the air earlier than drawing the charts… But bear in mind, a few of these maps are 1000’s of years outdated, and one, specifically, is even older.

As you undergo all of these maps you need to ask your self simply how have been these maps made? How is it doable that they show options that have been unknown to man in response to mainstream historical past…?