There is at all times a lot debate about the nature of the mysterious cube-shaped objects close to the solar typically noticed in NASA’s satellite tv for pc pictures.

While some individuals say these objects are picture processing errors, others consider such a cube-shaped object is in actual fact NASA’s manner of hiding unidentified flying objects of extraterrestrial origin.

Since it appears not possible to seek out out if there’s actually a UFO behind such a cube-shaped object it will likely be at all times the query whether or not it’s NASA’s technique to disguise UFOs or not.

But what if one thing goes unsuitable throughout NASA’s picture processing and we are able to have a look behind such a cube-shaped object close to the solar.

That is precisely what occurred in 2014, when NASA by accident revealed SOHO LASCO C2 imagery displaying an illuminated Unidentified Flying Object(s) behind a cube-shaped object.