A wierd asteroid 1.3 kilometers (three,280 ft) throughout streaked previous Earth on Wednesday, giving astronomers a uncommon likelihood to take a look at an enormous area rock up shut.

Dubbed 2014-JO25, the asteroid got here nearest at 12.20 GMT and is now hurtling away from the centre of our photo voltaic system, stated Ian Carnelli, an astronomer from the European Space Agency (ESA).

The Arecibo observatory in Puerto Rico—which has one of many world’s greatest radio telescopes—captured the 2014 JO25’s first pictures, displaying a “dragon-shaped” object that’s seemingly “two large asteroids that fused together”.

You might not see them, however area rocks whizz above our heads on a regular basis. But massive asteroids passing this near Earth stay a rarity.

The subsequent one will go by in 2027, a 800-metre lengthy object that may come inside one Earth-to-the-Moon distance.

The final time 2014-JO25 was in our neighborhood was 400 years in the past, and its subsequent shut encounter with Earth will not occur till someday after 2600.