Some time in the past NASA confirmed that life on Mars might nonetheless be found however though NASA’s curiosity mars rover nonetheless scouring the surface of Mars no signal of life has but to be discovered.

Or could they’ve missed one thing?

On the 1151 Martian day or SOL 1151 of the rover’s mission on Mars (November 2, 2015), the Curiosity captured one thing what appears to be an alien who stands in a spot of a giant rock.

Although skeptics will say that that is simply one other case of pareidolia in the picture a head, eyes, torso, legs and arms can clearly be distinguished.

The head seems to be conical, like a hen head. Left leg/foot is protruding whereas the left arm folded throughout the chest touching the elbow of the proper arm.

According to physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, who has revealed a research the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics, suggesting that two races of beings, the Cydonians and the Utopians, have been killed off in twin nuclear explosions that left Mars in the state we presently observe it as we speak.

There is lots of archaeological proof of prior life on Mars and as loopy as it’d sound, it’s fairly potential that Mars nonetheless is inhabited by a kind of unusual life contemplating the being depicted in Curiosity’s intriguing picture.