The Argentine media revealed on September 13, 2017 the information that the Corrientes police has photographed a supposed alien being in an space referred to as ‘Parque Miter’ close to the capital of Corrientes.

After being warned by a bunch of younger individuals cops visited the place and noticed ‘a strange person’ with a wierd habits strolling round.

Credit picture: Diarioprimeralinea.

When they need to contact and to establish the ‘strange person’ they realized that the looks was extra seemingly an extraterrestrial being on which they took a picture of the supposed alien.

At the second the cops tried to strategy the being, it escaped by leaping into the waters of the Paraná River and disappeared, stories information outlet Diarioprimeralinea.

Credit picture: Diarioprimeralinea.

While it’s not the primary time individuals have captured photographs of extraterrestrials in Argentina, we aren’t certain whether or not the being depicted in the picture is an actual alien, pretend or a publicity stunt, on condition that they managed to seize the right picture in the midnight.