On November 13, 2017 Arnoldo Liendo Arce captured an odd phenomenon within the sky over Antofagasta in Chile.

While filming a attainable Halo or Sundog within the sky he not solely captured an odd iridescent colourful rainbow cloud, however much more unusual is a cloud formation that has shaped itself precisely throughout the Halo or Sundog, like a darkish disk blocking the Sun.

Halo’s and Sundogs are well-known atmospheric optical phenomena brought on by the reflection of daylight by ice crystals within the ambiance however….you ever have seen such a cloud formation protecting a Halo/Sundog?

The first video reveals the unusual Halo/Sundog/cloud formation, the second video reveals the colourful rainbow cloud which could possibly be a attainable earthquake mild, an indication for an impending highly effective earthquake.