The following wonderful assertion comes from a witness who has skilled a really unusual encounter subsequent to the Mazaredo bay in Argentine on December 2, 2017. The unusual occasion was so overwhelming that the witness felt compelled to report the encounter to the Mutual UFO Network case 88710 together with detailed satellite tv for pc photographs exhibiting the space the place he has skilled the encounter.

 The Mazaredo bay is reverse to the final identified place of the Argentine submarine “San Juan”. 

The witness states:

We did a visit by nationwide route 281 to Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina) at the Atlantic ocean coast, later by provincial route 68, and later by provincial route 70, and by provincial route 14, and instantly need to go to the vintage and forgotten publish workplace at Mazaredo website which is part of the vintage President Roca telegraph (12 months 1905) subsequent to Mazaredo Bay (Argentine coast).

That mega building with towers of 210 ft excessive and 1000’s of publish (eucalyptus) and wires was forgotten in the time. The vintage publish workplace was made in crimson patagonia exhausting stones and is completely stunning.

We arrive at evening and see not different folks in the space and we had been plans to remain there every week, however the place awaiting us with a shock.
In the early morning we go to the sea (four miles away), we selected to go by foot to make pure images.

During the journey we reduce off by a ravine (somewhat canyon) of 150 ft tall or much less, then in a curve of this we will see at the prime 5 white vary rovers ‘evoque’ with an orange circle icon with a line by way of it on the facet, some folks dressed in uncommon virtually translucent garments, three 30 foot towers and one huge artifact with cone form.

The final was pointed to the sea and it sounded prefer to a precise whale music, virtually ten second we will see a flash pulse in course to the sea horizon after which from there one thing answered from the sea, repeatedly.

This folks see us and we waved our arms to say hi there they usually did the similar.

When we arrive to the coast, we discover two males extra, they speak with us and mentioned “hello, are you here to see the post office?”

We mentioned “yes” they usually mentioned “You are needed to see a last telegraph reference, a bronze tribute plate”, after which they mentioned which course we should to go (1 mile from there).

We query about the autos and towers, and the cone, they mentioned “we are looking for something; it is a scientific stuff, important for us”.

In the subsequent three days that autos and that folks keep there, we see them ten instances however we by no means go, the place they’re.

After we left, the telezoom pictures we had taken had been blanked, we have now no issues, or automobile damages, or well being threat, we’re okay and go to our enterprise.

Coincidence or not however the Mazaredo bay is reverse to the final identified place of the Argentine submarine “San Juan” which vanished in the Atlantic with 44 on board on the morning of November 15, 2017.

Although the navy earlier mentioned the vessel’s captain had reported a brief circuit after water had entered the submarine’s snorkel and that the battery malfunction could clarify a vicious chain of occasions that led to the submarine being sunk as the results of an on-board explosion, might or not it’s that the lacking Argentine Submarine has been used in a Philadelphia-like experiment given the unusual actions in the Mazaredo bay?

It is claimed that the Philadelphia experiment was an alleged army experiment whereby the U.S. Navy destroyer “USS Eldridge” was claimed to have been rendered invisible “cloaked” to enemy units?

Regarding the unusual actions in the Mazaredo bay; who’re these folks and why are a few of them dressed in uncommon virtually translucent garments? Aliens are concerned? What is the which means of the unusual orange icon on the autos? To whom they ship a flash pulse and who’s answering the flash?

The submarine has not but been discovered, up to now.

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