A pair headed in direction of Floresville on Hwy 97 close to 1784 on July 11, 2017. They have been deep in dialog when the passenger glanced in direction of the sky and noticed a wierd glowing mild between the cloud formations.

The passenger describes the mild as follows: Raymond was driving and once I glanced in direction of the sky, which I’ve a behavior of doing, that’s once I noticed the mild.

Raymond appeared and he noticed the mild too. We watched it for about 5 miles.

It was a superb fluorescent inexperienced once we first observed it. Then it began altering colors. First the mild modified to a bluish colour, yellow, then a purple orange after which lastly a deep orange purple colour.

It appeared as if that a part of the sky was on fireplace. The mild slowly started to fade from the left aspect to the proper. After the mild pale, we continued wanting in direction of the cloud to see if something got here out, however nothing did.

At first, I used to be nervous as a result of I hadn’t seen something like that before however then we turned very in studying what it’s. We are UFO lovers and ceaselessly stargaze in search of our common neighbors. Mufon case 85035.

Editor’s notice: As the couple observed and noticed the mild phenomenon for about 5 miles before they took photos of the object we are able to rule out that it’s lens flare. Could it’s the solar? To me, it appears unlikely; have you ever ever seen a inexperienced solar?

I don’t assume it has something to do with UFOs or paranormal actions it seems extra like a so-called earthquake mild, which is an uncommon luminous aerial phenomenon that reportedly seems in the sky before or after earthquakes and will present an early warning signal of a possible earthquake.