A spectacular sight occurred excessive in the sky above the Philippines on April 23, 2017. It virtually resembles some sort of big craft with a number of unbiased shade ranges.

It is alleged that the uncommon phenomenon is a so-called fireplace rainbow which happens when daylight refracts via ice-crystal clouds or this phenomenon could possibly be the impact of electromagnetic plasma ionization, a disruption of the Earth’s magnetic area and/or ionosphere in the area of tectonic stress, ensuing in the noticed glow results both from ionospheric radiative recombination at decrease altitudes and better atmospheric stress?

Maybe the phenomenon is a so-called earthquake gentle? However, the impact is clearly not pronounced or notably noticed in any respect earthquake occasions and is but to be totally understood, however with 105 earthquakes in the previous 30 days off the west coast of Chile, together with the highly effective 7.1M earthquake which has struck off the coastal space close to Valparaíso, some 60 miles west of Santiago, but all the earthquakes that happen in the ring of fireplace in thoughts, the uncommon phenomenon in the sky above the Philippines could possibly be an indication for an upcoming pure occasion.