Over the previous 12 months the world has skilled unprecedented anomalies and unusual phenomena in the skies and it appears that it proceed to extend each in frequency and depth.

Here is a small compilation of uncommon sky phenomena captured round the world the previous few days.

On December 1, 2017 one other bizarre sky phenomenon has been captured over Illinois. The picture authentic posted on Twitter reveals a colourful streak of gentle in the center of round hole in the cloud formation. The uncommon phenomenon is a so-called fall-streak gap.

One day earlier we acquired a picture taken by a reader in New Zealand, thanks, exhibiting what seems like a glowing ball of gentle or second solar in the sky. Maybe the phenomenon is simply lens flare or is it certainly one thing what we can not clarify?

Meanwhile onlookers captured a unusual sky phenomenon in Chiang Mai province, northern Thailand. The phenomenon is referred to as a circumhorizontal arc. See additionally the video.

And what seems like three suns appeared in the sky over China. Two small coloured patches, or ‘phantom suns’, may be seen positioned at the left and proper aspect of the precise solar in the sky. Such phenomenon is referred to as ‘solar canine’ and is an optical phantasm. See additionally the video.

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