A wierd UFO object has been discovered in a photo taken of a rock formation close to Shingletown, California. Interestingly, the object is just like a UFO object which has been photographed by passenger on the Durango/Silverton prepare in Colorado, see third picture under.

Witness states: A man I used to be relationship had taken me out for a jeep trip across the again forest roads of Lassen National Volcanic Park, outside of Shingletown, California.

I observed a rock formation that had a face that appeared very very similar to a basic hook-nosed witch.

I could not get an excellent photo as a result of distance away with my cellphone’s digital camera, so he returned the subsequent day together with his DSLR to the formation for me (to which I had given the title “Witch Rock”).

He took a number of photographs of the formation, and I observed in one of them, there’s a colourful object slightly below the witch’s nostril.

Interestingly, a number of photographs had been taken in fast succession, however solely this one photo exhibits the object.

Zooming in on it, it seems to be a cigar-shaped form, casting a shadow on its underside.

It will need to have been shifting quicker than the attention can see, as a result of my pal noticed nothing in particular person. The indisputable fact that it stands out gray in opposition to the white clouds behind it says it was considerably close to. The photographs had been submitted to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON case file).

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