Now in accordance with Canadian eyewitness testimony, “I am from Southern Manitoba Canada, on the evening of the Blood Moon Eclipse, I noticed a V-Shaped Cloud formation glide throughout the sky in entrance of me!

It was surreal and felt superb. Just earlier than the final sliver of the moon disappeared I observed stars darting backwards and forwards in entrance of the moon (presumably satellites?) and as I used to be watching these about 6-eight lights gliding north to south, puzzled, that is when the ‘cloud’ glided by simply above the tree tops. 

I used to be pondering possibly it was an enormous darkish hen however the ‘wings’ weren’t flapping! As it began to go behind the bushes I begged it to come back again. I used to be blown away and advised my fiance straight away. 

Next couple of days I began seeing all of the sighting popping up on the web. That was probably the most superb factor I’ve ever skilled.”

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