Barack Obama will share secret files on Aliens if you support him in the fight against AIDS |UFO Sightings Hotspot

In the November 2017 Jimmy Kimmel present President Barack Obama talks about the fight against AIDS and the nice progress that has been made in direction of eliminating the illness as soon as and for all. During his speech he involves the level that he’s asking the individuals to hitch his fight against AIDS and […]

Distant galaxy sends out 15 high-energy radio bursts are possible powerful laser bursts used by Aliens |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Breakthrough Listen, an initiative to search out indicators of clever life within the universe, has detected 15 temporary however powerful radio pulses emanating from a mysterious and repeating largely unknown supply ‘FRB 121102’ a dwarf galaxy about three billion gentle years from Earth. Possible explanations for the repeating bursts vary from outbursts from rotating neutron […]

Strange Aliens Signals Coming in on Live Meteors – June 22, 2017 “”This has been going on all day. The solely factor I see is that NOAA forecasters say co-rotating interplay area (CIR) may brush in opposition to Earth’s magnetic area on June 22nd or 23rd. CIRs are transition zones between slow- and quick-shifting streams of photo voltaic wind. They include enhanced magnetic fields and plasma […]