What caused the Bright Flash that turned night into day over Russia on Jan 7, 2018? |UFO Sightings Hotspot

A mysterious shiny flash turned night into day over an enormous space of Russia on January 7, 2018. The phenomenon was seen and felt over hundreds of miles in Russia, particularly in the areas Bashkortostan, Udmurtia, and Tatarstan. The flash accompanied by massive explosions, whereby even the floor was shaking and transferring in line with […]

Strange Light in the sky off Newport Beach Coast California releases Bright Spheres |UFO Sightings Hotspot

On October 21, 2017 the witness noticed an enormous vibrant mild over his home in Long Beach, California. At first he noticed two objects crossing paths with one another then centered on the bigger one. As he zoomed in his digital camera the big vibrant mild began ejecting smaller spheres into the environment. The first […]

Deer Hunter caught bright spheres above and beams of light below cloud over the Missouri River, US |UFO Sightings Hotspot

A top quality inspector for Boeing who has labored earlier than on or close to fighter jets since 1980 acquired a picture from his pal exhibiting a wierd phenomenon in the sky throughout solar set on November 20, 2017. The picture was so intriguing he felt compelled to submit it to MUFON case 88249 to […]

Bright Orb over the Pacific disappears at the moment an incoming object hits the ocean |UFO Sightings Hotspot

An unknown giant shiny orb was recorded hovering over the Pacific Ocean close to Newport, Oregon on October three, 2017.The object not seeming to maneuver for almost four minutes earlier than it simply disappeared. As MrMBB333 talks solely about the shiny orb he most likely missed a second object with a smoke path that appears […]

Bright UFO appears after lightning strike over Hastings, Nebraska |UFO Sightings Hotspot

On August three, 2017 throughout a lightning storm in Hastings, Nebraska a photographer recorded not solely a fantastic show of lightening. After a lightning strike an ascending brilliant UFO turns into seen, dashing throughout the sky then turns a barely earlier than disappearing. The lightning strike and UFO begins from zero.55 seconds to 01.36 seconds […]

Mysterious bright object in the sky caught on security cam crashes in Northern Idaho |UFO Sightings Hotspot

On September four, 2017 an odd bright object in the sky was caught on the security cam of Jacquie McKay who lives in Bridge Lake BC. According to Jacquie she wakened of the flash. Credit picture and video: Jacquie McKay. Eyewitness experiences: We felt it. It was far more intense than thunder, however not fairly […]