After a NDE Dr. Tony Cicoria began receiving music compositions from “The Other Side” |UFO Sightings Hotspot

In 1994, Dr. Anthony Cicoria was struck by lightning and virtually misplaced his life. After he was struck, he had an out-of-body expertise the place he says he noticed his personal physique mendacity on the ground. In this interview, Dr. Cicoria describes what it was like getting struck by lightning and the sensation he had […]

Dr. Ian Stevenson on Reincarnation

About Dr Stevenson Dr. Stevenson has labored for the final forty years amassing scientific documentation of previous life reminiscences of kids from all all over the world. He has over 3000 instances in his recordsdata. Skeptics and students, agree that these instances provide the very best proof lastly show reincarnation is an actual phenomenon. He […]