Are You Ready? As the Solar Eclipse nears, a 140,000 miles long sunspot group is about to burst! |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Only a few weeks in the past, it appeared that the solar could be quiet and featureless when the Moon eclipsed it on Aug. 21st. This weekend, nevertheless, the solar is welcoming the eclipse with a burst of renewed exercise as a remarkably-long sunspot group AR2671 is sprawling throughout the photo voltaic disk, stretches 140,000 […]

During Super Blood Moon Eclipse V Shape UFO Sighted Over Carson, California – UFO News | Aliens | UFO Sightings | Space News

In newest improvement, based on eyewitness testimony, On September 27, 2015 at eight:55 pm I witnessed bizarre V form cloud formation type throughout and after harvest moon eclipse over . I’ve by no means seen something prefer it earlier than so i thought id take pics. me and different individuals who witnessed this cloud formation […]