Are You Ready? As the Solar Eclipse nears, a 140,000 miles long sunspot group is about to burst! |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Only a few weeks in the past, it appeared that the solar could be quiet and featureless when the Moon eclipsed it on Aug. 21st. This weekend, nevertheless, the solar is welcoming the eclipse with a burst of renewed exercise as a remarkably-long sunspot group AR2671 is sprawling throughout the photo voltaic disk, stretches 140,000 […]

Motor trail group surprised by mysterious human-like being in forest of Bandah Aceh, Indonesie |UFO Sightings Hotspot

Recently members of a motor trail group took a tour in the forest of Banda Aceh which is probably the most western province of Sumatra, Indonesie when abruptly a wierd small determine emerged from the forest. As a consequence the primary rider fell to the bottom, then the determine stopped on the monitor, noticed the […]