Report of the mysterious UFOs filmed over Hoia-Baciu haunted forest in Romania |UFO Sightings Hotspot

The Hoia-Baciu forest is an interesting place. Once you cross its boundaries, you end up immersed in a world of magic that really captivates your thoughts. Although it lays a couple of kilometers away from the metropolis of Cluj-Napoca, the coronary heart of Transylvania, it nonetheless holds a wild, untamed spirit, which reminds us of […]

Why Are Lunatic Asylums So Haunted?

Photo courtesy Craig Sunter – Flickr Understanding the paranormal realm is basically solely a matter of understanding historical past. Some of essentially the most haunted locations on this planet are this manner due to their wealthy historical past. When a catastrophic occasion happens it leaves a permanent imprint on the environment. If it’s a repetitive, […]

Paranormal Insights: Haunted Wampanoag Sites in Plymouth, Massachusetts: Thanksgiving Redefined

In all of our United States historical past books we now have been taught that the primary Thanksgiving which passed off in 1621 at Plymouth Rock was certainly one of communal celebration between the Pilgrims and native Native Americans. Unfortunately the accuracy of historic occasions could be a bit skewed, deviating from the reality to […]

Haunted Ale Houses and Breweries

Image courtesy of Each 12 months at the moment I, like many different writers, attempt to discover materials that focuses on the custom of St. Patrick’s Day. Last 12 months I had a variety of enjoyable researching haunted forests and the leprechaun trickster. After agonizing on which path I wished to go this 12 […]

The First Most Haunted College In America

Within the city of Williamsburg lies an enchanted faculty campus that’s wrought with paranormal exercise. This website was not solely a central location for the Civil War, however it was additionally very strategic within the Revolutionary War as effectively. For a location to be the grounds of two main colonial wars, this may occasionally very […]