Digital archaeologist Stan Deyo presents his current discoveries about:

The lacking reason behind the Flood.
The appropriate location of Atlantis.
The awakening of Atlantis and the imminent return of its ‘gods’.
The antichrist of our time may come up from the ashes of Atlantis.

Stan Deyo made a discovery that the precise asteroid that began the Flood hit India’s East Coast created what’s right now often known as the Cuddapah Basin in Eastern India.
Stan calculated that the asteroid with an estimated dimension at about 15 miles in diameter hit the Earth at a shallow angel of 35 levels above the floor leaving an outer crater rim 250 miles in diameter. It’s affect crater leads Stan to evaluate its kenitic vitality to be at the very least 15 occasions the vitality of the Chixulub affect in the Yucatan.

The asteroid created an Indian Ocean despair of 50 to 351 ft over an space of 6 million sq. miles and created an Indonesia/New Guinea uplift of 50 to 280 ft over an space of 6 or extra million sq. miles.

There is geological proof that helps the asteroid affect having depressed the Arabian Peninsula inflicting land uplifts as distant as Azerbaijan and Turkey.

Even it could have tilted the Earth’s floor 23.four levels from upright place, nonetheless there are 4 different formally undiscovered meteor impacts as huge as this one that would have contributed to the shift.

Now if we take the e-book of Enoch it states that 200 giants (Human/Watcher Hybrids) which come of the Nephilim (Fallen Ones/Watchers) descended to Earth at Mt Hermon in Syria, moreover the Book of Jasher data their arrival as properly.

Plato’s Atlantis account covers one in all these ‘Giants’: Poseidon and his hybrid offspring.

Both Plato and the Bible say aliens cross-bred with people subsequently it’s understood that Eden and Atlantis needed to be in shut proximity by land for this cross-breeding to happen.

Atlantis was an island better in extent than Libya and Asia and when afterwards sunk by an earthquake it grew to become an impassable barrier of mud to voyagers crusing from therefore to any a part of the ocean.

Whether Plato meant ‘Greater in coastline length’ or ‘greater in area’, the solely area assembly each of those parameters in addition to being near the Garden of Eden in Tanzania was, then, the island of the Saudi Peninsula.

Plato describes additionally the ‘columns of Heracles’ is usually thought to imply the ‘Strait of Gibraltar’. However Plato additionally refers to the ‘Straits of Heracles’ elsewhere. There are both two locations or solely one in all these is appropriate.

And what about Noah, did he dwell in Atlantis? Possibly, definitely shut by.

The above textual content is an extract taken from Stan Deyo’s presentation about the lacking reason behind the Flood and the mysterious disappearing of Atlantis.

Stan Deyo is satisfied that primarily based on his analysis, analyses together with a number of proofs of Atlantis being the Arabian Peninsula.

Some of Stan Deyo’s proofs:

01. The areas and coastlines of historic Libya and Asia Minor match Arabia.
02. The ‘keystone’ artifacts are fashions of Poseidon’s Island.
03. The two water aquifers in Dammam in a area the place sizzling springs nonetheless exist.
04. The Gilgal circles had been made by the giants of Bashan the place Og was king.
05. The Greek Decapolis cities had been established to be close to Atlantis.
06. The Greeks named Gadara after Gadeirus.
07. Atlantis was destroyed by flood and giant earthquakes (like the asteroid affect).
08. Arabian Peninsula was titled by a catastrophic occasion.
09. The straits of Herakles had been the place the Orontes River empties into the Mediterranaen.
10. At the Mahd Ad Dabab mine the quartz veins include gold, copper, iron, lead and zinc sulphide – elements of orichalcum.
11. The ‘fertile’ plain area is on the west coast of the Arab (Persian) gulf with Dammam.

View Stan Deyo’s scientific proof that Atlantis was actual and based on him the World must know this. In a approach, Atlantis is rising once more in the world political group and you’ll be astonished at the prince who’s answerable for Atlantis right now.