This is certainly one of my favourite articles to learn. I’ve to return time to time to take a look at this and to mirror on my very own life. Not the previous however the “now” to see the place I am mentally at. Am I getting into the appropriate route? Do I would like to readjust my targets, actions and how I am trying upon life and others within the second.

I grabbed a few of my favourite elements to share with you:

“By actions, thoughts, and words, man is releasing spiritual energy to the universe and he is in turn affected by influences coming in his direction. Man is therefore the sender and receiver of all these influences. The entire circumstances surrounding him is his karma.”

“With each action-influence he sends out and at the same time, receives, he is changing. This changing personality and the world he lives in, constitute the totality of his karma.”

“What we are, then, is entirely dependent on what we think. Therefore, the nobility of man’s character is dependent on his”good” thoughts, actions, and words. At the same time, if he embraces degrading thoughts, those thoughts invariably influence him into negative words and actions.”

There is a lot extra to this information, please test it out. Think deeply on it and change your karma.