Water performs a vital function in the stage of exercise on a haunted web site. It primarily acts as a conduit by which spirit power flows. Electric fields are in a position to have an effect on water in the world of science and there could also be some connection to the paranormal realm. “Water, being dipolar, can be partly aligned by an electric field and this may be easily shown by the movement of a stream of water by an electrostatic source.” The video under reveals a fast instance of this phenomenon:

Although a bit sophisticated to elucidate, water’s molecular construction permits its hydrogen bonds to bend and grow to be disrupted. Electrostatic power is the “influencer” on this instance, however electromagnetic fields typically may fit in a lot the similar method as a result of separate static fields can happen inside electromagnetism. Taken a little bit additional, the presence of EMFs have the potential enhance the melting level, evaporation charge, and dissolution charge of oxygen – thus altering water’s bodily construction. 

When water is “influenced” by the presence of ghosts, a number of of those traits could happen. As is already well-known by paranormal investigators, ghosts emit electromagnetic fields. This is how their devices are in a position to detect them. In the similar vein, ghost exercise could be elevated by rising the stage of electromagnetism in the ambiance. This is how EMF pumps operate. Is there some form of phenomenon that water possesses which helps enhance ghost manifestation?

In the video under, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson from Ghost Hunters briefly focus on three parts that they’ve discovered to be prevalent on haunted areas. The parts are nearly a “recipe” for paranormal exercise:    

The cowl photograph for this text was taken inside the Yerebatan Sarnici, also called the Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a tremendous construction that dates again to the sixth century:

“One of the magnificent historic buildings of İstanbul is the Basilica Cistern positioned in the southwest of Hagia Sofia. Constructed for Justinianus I, the Byzantium Emperor (527-565), this huge underground water reservoir is named as “Yerebatan Cistern” amongst the public due to the underground marble columns. As there was once a basilica in the place of the cistern, it’s also referred to as Basilica Cistern. The cistern is 140 m lengthy, and 70 m large, and covers an oblong space as a large construction. Accessible with 52-step staircase, the Cistern shelters 336 columns, every of which is 9 m excessive. Erected at four.80 m intervals from each other the columns are composed of 12 rows, every has 28 columns.”

The objective of constructing this large challenge was to make sure that water was out there to the empire ought to it come underneath enemy assault.

If you wish to take a fast tour of the cisterns, try this video under:

As you may see from the video, a stroll round this historic web site reveals its spooky nature with shadowy lighting and darkish waters. The geological materials inside this construction makes it ripe for paranormal exercise. The water probably acts as a conduit for ghosts, because it extends all through the total construction. The pillars are constructed from marble and its composition additionally could give rise to paranormal prospects:

“Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure of metamorphism. It is composed primarily of the mineral calcite (CaCO3) and usually contains other minerals, such as clay minerals, micas, quartz, pyrite, iron oxides, and graphite. Under the conditions of metamorphism, the calcite in the limestone recrystallizes to form a rock that is a mass of interlocking calcite crystals.” – geology.com

Within the Basilica Cistern there’s a “recipe,” which could be very very like the one Jay and Grant talked about in the video. The geology of this underground construction works in tandem with the water in the cistern to create a habitat or house for ghosts. Many folks get creeped out once they go to this marvel in Turkey and there have been studies of ghost sightings in the underground chamber, however nothing formally documented. 

So… are these ghosts merely the figment of untamed imaginations? Let’s journey over to California again in the United States and see if one other cistern will help shed some gentle on this query.

The Whaley House

In 1857 a person named Thomas Whaley had a dream. He wished to construct a brick home that may stand other than another in the San Diego space. “Whaley boasted, ‘My new house, when completed, will be the handsomest, most comfortable and convenient place in town or within 150 miles of here.'” He made his personal bricks and he had discovered the excellent plot of land to assemble it. There was one downside, although. A tragedy had occurred on this piece of land to which Thomas witnessed firsthand. From this incident spawned the story of Yankee Jim Robinson. 

“Yankee Jim was given a Catholic baptism to save his mortal soul, after which the 6’4″ newly christened Santiago Robinson was hauled up onto a buckboard wagon and a thick, coarse rope was positioned about his neck. The wagon pulled out from underneath his ft and dropped him inside inches of the floor; in actual fact, Jim was a lot taller than the common fellow that the toes of his boots had been scraping the grime. A good-looking mustachioed younger man from New York (Thomas Whaley) stood in the crowd observing Yankee Jim slowly strangle to demise. And the relaxation, as they are saying, is historical past.”

Thomas was not a person given to superstition. He was, although, a person who noticed a possibility to purchase a pleasant chunk of land. Brushing apart the native folklore, Thomas moved ahead together with his dream challenge. Building the home proper on prime of the spot the place many males had been hanged, the wraith of Yankee Jim turned simply the first of many ghosts that proceed to hang-out the now Whaley House Museum. There are studies of hauntings on this home – particularly from every of the relations in the photograph above. Alex Matsuo shares her expertise under:

This home has all the time had a tremendous quantity of paranormal exercise, however the discovery of a cistern by archaeologists could put a brand new twist on its hauntings. It is positioned adjoining the museum and served as a water supply for the household. Inside of it over 72,000 artifacts have been discovered. But it is not the artifacts which can be the most fascinating half:

“The cistern played a role in the dark history of the Whaley House. Violet Whaley, Thomas Whaley’s second eldest daughter, attempted to commit suicide in late July of 1885 by throwing herself into the well. Violet was rescued; but she eventually shot and killed herself three weeks later.”

Here the cistern serves as a supply of tragedy as properly. Although there have been no connections made to the underground water supply, I problem to assume how a lot of an influence it could have on the web site. The artifacts have been dated way back to the 19th century and with so lots of them, there have to be a wealthy historical past tied to them. And we already know that wealthy historical past = paranormal exercise.

It is unsure when the properly was lively how a lot “influence” it could have had on the Whaley House’s ghost exercise, however right here once more the “recipe” for sturdy hauntings exist. As far as I’ve researched, the Basilica Cistern has no recorded tragedies tied to its underground water supply and maybe could also be why ghosts have by no means been documented. 

Can geology and water alone have an effect on paranormal exercise or does their have to be a tragic occasion tied to the location to, in a way, make the “dough rise?”

What are your ideas or experiences with such a haunting?

I would love to listen to about it in the remark field under or anyplace you discover this text posted and… thanks!! 

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